Adapted from the book by Elvira Woodruff

 Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing


 Video Link:   Charlotte Observer video narrated by theatre critic Julie York Coppens

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"Woodruff  spins  a  Dickensian  saga,full  of  outlandish  Londoners  and  narrative twists, both cruel and kind...But beneath the dark, chilly gloom of The Christmas a big, bright, beautiful heart...Audiences will cherish this beautifully crafted 'Doll.'"                                                                                                           The Charlotte Observer


 Emily Calder as Glory, Children's Theatre of Charlotte, Photo by Todd Sumlin



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Set in 1840's London, Lucy and Glory Wolcott live at Grimstone union at the mercy of the cruel Matron Wick and Mistress Branch. Lucy invents stories about a family she barely remembers and a long lost doll named Morning Glory to humor her sister. When a deadly fever sweeps through the workhouse, the two sisters escape to the mean streets of London, where they encounter many colorful characters. Now they must learn to survive on their own. Finding an old, discarded doll by the river that Glory believes is her long lost doll, and teaming up with the beggar boy Nick Button, Morning Glory leads the three on a journey that will change their lives forever, for Morning Glory is no ordinary doll.

running time: 1 Hr, 40 Minutes  [90 minute script also available]

Cast size: 10  (Lucy, Glory, Nick Button & Chorus of 7)   (4m, 6f) 

Cast breakdown:

      Lucy Wolcott (10 yr old orphan girl/soprano)

      Glory Wolcott (7 yr old orphan girl/soprano)

      Nick Button (10 yr old beggar boy/tenor)* 

      Chorus of 7   (3m, 4f) play multiple roles, including:

               Matron Wick (strict, no-nonsense overseer at Grimstone Union/alto) (could also be played by a male)

               Mistress Branch (copycat assistant to Matron Wick) (could be played by a male)

               Mrs. Thimblebee (owner of Mrs. Thimblebee's Doll Shop, sweet and very proper/mezzo or soprano)

               Bess (Assistant to Mrs. Thimblebee, all business, slow to soften/alto)

               Florrie Nuggins (Proprietress of Nuggins Rag and Bone shop, feisty)

               Mr. Nuggins (Mr. & Mrs. roles can both be played by same male actor)

               Mr. & Mrs. Wolcott (Lucy and Glory's parents/flashback)

               Others: Washerwoman, Doctor, Constable, Doll Shop assistants Emma & Iris, Ghost of Charlotte,

                         Queen's High-born Lady, and Orphans:  Aggie, Sarah, Emma & Nora

               Londoners, Orphan Girls, Beggars & Street Vendors, Mud-Larkers, Customers at the Doll Shop

              *Nick Button  (can play multiple roles in a small cast production of 8)    

Music requirements:
Orchestrations scored for 7 Piece Chamber Orchestra
    Reed 1 (Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet)
    Reed 2 (Oboe, English Horn)
    String Quartet (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)
Orchestration/Accompaniment CD available  

Orchestrations by Keith Tittermary
Other possibilities exist (e.g. String Quartet, Piano & Cello...)

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