Adapted from the book by Johanna Spyri
  Book by Martha King De Silva, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
  Commissioned by:  Imagination Stage, Bethesda, MD
  World Premiere:   Imagination Stage, March 31 - May 31, 2009
  Representation By:  The Susan Gurman Agency

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            Tara Giordano as Heidi                             Terrence Currier as Alp                                  Heidi in her loft

    Heidi in her loft in the Alps, & Clara in her bedroom in Frankfurt, sing "Everything"       Terrence Currier & Chris Wilson (Peter)       

             Peter sings "Keeping You in Line"                   Goats (Snowflake, Daisy, Big Turk & Dusky) sing backup                  

                                    Daisy & Heidi                                                                    Heidi & Peter

                              Mayor Strasser (Doug Wilder) pays a visit.                                     Heidi sings "Farewell, My Mountains"

                            Heidi, Clara & Frau Rottenmeir in Frankfurt                                    Heidi & Clara:  "The Wind In My Hair"

Tinette (Ann Marie Pinto) Sebastien (Doug Wilder), Clara & Heidi      Frau Rottenmeir (Sandra L. Murphy) discovers the kitten!

                        Heidi & Grandfather reunited                                           Heidi, Clara, Peter - finale "Home"

Opening scene:  Maienfeld - Heidi, Aunt Detie & Townspeople:  Herr Reingold (Peter Boyer), Mayor Strasser, Frau Muenster (Sandra Murphy)      

Imagination Stage/World Premiere/Directed by Janet Stanford   

 All Photos by Scott Suchman

      Recording Session:  Janet Stanford, Director & Ensemble                               Keith Tittermary, Orchestrator

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