Adapted from the book by Barbara Park
Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
Commissioned by: Imagination Stage, Bethesda, MD
World Premiere: Imagination Stage, July 1 – August 17, 2003
Representation BY: The Susan Gurman Agency

Danielle Roth as Junie B.

HopeSummer Repertory Theatre production

Directed by James Saba

Photo by Louis Schakel

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What the critics are saying:
"A treat in Crayola colors ... Tuneful, funny, and bouncy like kids with ants in their pants ... A child’s play for all ages."
  – The Washington Post
"Junie B. Jones revels in the noisy, smelly, giggly glories of what it’s like to be a child. The songs are plucky and upbeat, the rhymes are fun and offbeat, and the overall effect is one of both sunshine and sophistication.
  – The Washington Times: 3 1/2 stars ****
"It is a pleasure to recommend a fabulous show for a marvelous afternoon of theater. Joan Cushing has created a musical of uncommon strength within the format of a children’s show. The single-act book is a solid piece of theater, the characters are distinct and clearly drawn, the music is bright, clever, and emotionally charged where appropriate. Imagination Stage gives the show a first rate production with a cast of standouts."
  – Potomac Stages
"If you have kids, we suggest you take them with you to this bright, tuneful and oh-so-fun musical. But, whether or not your have kids, go yourselves - it’s a kick! The entire package is delightful."
  – Potomac Stages: Four stars ****
"One of the best shows I’ve seen this group perform in the past year. And a world premier to boot. The production is sharp and witty, and Miss Cushing has that great knack of entertaining kids, while throwing a knowing wink right at the adults."
  – The Montgomery County Sentinel
"Directed with flair and tons of non-stop energy by Kathryn Chase Bryer, with clever characters and situations anyone can relate to ... From Junie’s stunning entrance on a trapeze, Junie B. Jones proves an excellent way to christen a new theater!"
  – The Montgomery County Sentinel
"Junie B. Jones & a Little Monkey Business! is a joy from beginning to end. Playwright Joan Cushing’s adaptation and emminently hummable score are heartwarming and witty. Although most Washingtonians know her as an ascerbic political satirist, Cushing has solidly established herself in the wacky world of children’s theatre."
  – MetroConnection/WAMU Radio
"Director Kate Bryer never misses a beat. She’s plumbed every scene and song for fun without going all cutesy and talking down to the audience. Bryer has also assembled a knockout cast. I can’t think of a better way to open the new Imagination Stage than Junie B. Jones & a Little Monkey Business!"
  – MetroConnection/WAMU Radio
"A delightful, Caryola-bright musical for children and any adult who remembers what it was like to be a loud, proud kindergartner."
  – The Washington Times
"The most extroardinary pairing in the show is Michael J. Forrest and Sherri Edelen. Their portrayal of the bond between Junie B. and her beloved Grandpa Miller is a highlight of the show. When they harmonzie, as they fix the toilet together, it’s a moist bit of family-theater heaven."
  – The Washington Post
"Based on the popular books by Barbara Park, Joan Cushing's Junie B. Jones & a Little Monkey Business proves that musicals for children can live on the same level as adult fare ... Seattle Children's Theatre ends their season with one of the best local productions of a musical in years ... Cushing perfectly captures the energy and style of Park's characters. She is able to counter the bombastic moments with quietly poignant scenes and songs ... Her score is top notch, featuring fiendishly witty lyrics on top of catchy music ... This amazing show is not to be missed."
  – Broadway pick *****
"Witty, bright, dark, and hilarious, Cushing has crafted a work that can easily be enjoyed by all ages."
"Director Jill Bloede and her adult cast, led by fresh face Gen Edwards in the title roles, honor Cushing's clear-eyed script, delivering a performance as bright and bold as Junie herself."
  – The Charlotte Observer
"Cushing's nine songs are as famly-friendly as her script, and Ron Chisholm's choreography is a hoot. Getting tickets may be a desperate matter, but worth the try."
  – Creative Loafing
"Welcome to the cofused and colorful world of Junie B. Jones, a kindergartner with attitude and agenda galore ... A charming musical for kids ... The show is first class ... The songs are clever, nonsappy and sprightly."
  – The Oregonian
"Junie B. Jones is more fun than a barrel ... Kathy Morison posiively sparkles as Junie B ... the silly, spunky, sassy little girl ... A satisfying musical comedy that is aimed at kids but entertains adults as well."
  – The Sacramento Bee: 3 1/2 stars ****
"Junie B. Jones is just plain fun theater for kids! ... They roared at the antics, the dancing and the spontaneity of ... "adults" doing their darndest to be kids ... Folks who did not call ahead were out of luck."
  – Minnesota Public Radio (Tugboat Theatre production)

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