Music & lyrics of Joan Cushing

Highlight: Washington's Longest Running Newsical Satire

                       10 hit years at the Omni-Shoreham Hotel Marquee Cabaret

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What the critics are saying:
"Cushing and O'Leary ... the most exciting collaboration in Washinton theatre! She, as a chronicler and satirist of contemporary society, and he, with an inexhaustible store of imaginative staging! Plus outstanding performers to support the material."
  – Roger Meersman, The Journal
"Joan Cushing's Mrs. Foggybottom & Friends is to the contemporary political and cultural scene what Forbidden Broadway was to theatre."
  – Roy Sander, Back Stage
"Snapply, sharp-eyed comic wit and bright tunes."
  – Joe Brown, The Washington Post
"Easily the best topical-comedy lounge act in town!"
  – Hap Erstein, The Washington Times
"Joan Cushing, an extraordinary talent gift-wrapped in a local cabaret, O'NEAL'S 43rd Street, is the kind of multi-faceted talent New York late-night life was supposed to have."
  – The New York Post
"The female comic with uptown appeal."
  – Ms. Magazine
"Low blows and high camp!"
  – Glamour Magazine
"Snappy, witty satire!"
  – The New York Times
"The Clown of Powertown!"
  – The Washington Post
"Move over, Mark Russell. Make way for a lady!"
  – The Washington Times
"For now, she reigns as Washington's funniest commedienne! ... A Washinton landmark! An institution! The city's reigning political satirist!"
  – Washingtonian Magazine
"Washington has its Mark Russell and its Art Buchwald and it also has, thankfully, it's Joan Cushing."
  – The Washington Post
"Cushing has a capital time jabbing Washington in its political funnybone."
  – Savvy Magazine
"Some people don't leave Washington without seeing their congressman. Personally, I wouldn't leave without seeing Joan Cushing."
  – Best Buys Magazine/New York
"Joan Cushing thinks Washington is funny. And if you hear her, you'll probably agree."
  – The Washington Post
"A cabaret revue marked by Joan Cushing's snappy, sharp-eyed comic wit with bright tunes."
  – Joe Brown, The Washington Post
"Easily the best topical-comedy lounge act in town.
  – Hap Erstein, The Washington Times
"A zipply, witty, tuneful, topical, terribly up-to-date revue.
  – Davey Marlin-Jones, WUSA-TV, Chanel 9
"This show has one of the funniest moments I have seen this year!"
  – Arch Campbell, WRC-TV, Chanel 4
"Cushing's wit has never been sharper and her songs have never been better performed!"
  – Chris Core, WMAL
"Cushing has proven in a number of Mrs. Foggybottom outings that she is the most clever, original and sparkling of musical revue writers, composers and performers in the area!"
  – Roger Meersman, The Journal
"Political satirist Joan Cushing — and her archly insouciant alter ego Mrs. Foggybottom — know where the bodies are buried, and what's more, she incorporates the dish into her character's cocktail chatter."
  – Joe Brown, The Washington Post
"The creation of Joan Cushing, Mrs. Foggybottom is a biting, gossipy, upper-crust dame who teases amusement from the headlines and tells her tales in the clubs of D.C."
  – Bonnie Gordon, Ms. Magazine
"Terrific comic actors with great voices! ... Cushing is one of the wittiest lyricists in the business!"
  – Chris Core, WMAL
"Low blows and high camp — that's what musically gifted political satirist Joan Cushing serves Washington, DC audiences through her creation, Mrs. Foggybottom."
  – Lucretia M. Marmon, Glamour Magazine
"Wherever she goes, she brings her friends and her hats and sings her heart out. Her songs include good solid standards, entire routines from Broadway musicals, and an impressive array of originals. But it's her personality — a vibrant presence that fills up a small setting like the Cafe Lafayette — that makes her one of the best entertainment bargains in town!"
  – Washingtonian Magazine
What the new york critics are saying…
"Joan Cushing's Mrs. Foggybottom & Friends is to the comtemporary political and cultural scene what "Forbidden Broadway was to theatre. Like the latter, it is great fun and performed by a delightful and talented cast. And its hit rate is higher than in any edition of Forb idden Broadway I ever saw."
  – Roy Sander, Back Stage
"A politically and socially incorrect testimony of our times, with scathing insights into today's headlines, that would send Cindy Adams into apopolexy! ... Performed by a wonderfully talented cast!"
  – John Hoglund, Cabaret Hotline, NY
"A sophisticated theatre goer's dream come true, Mrs. Foggybotom & Friends perfectly evokes the political revues of the 60's."
  – Andrew Martin, CaB Magazine
"So many of the current crop of political bigiwgs are laughable enough on their own, but as seen through the eyes of Mrs. Foggybottom & Friends, they're hilarious! I laughted 'til I cried!"
  – Tom Gates, Palm Beach Pictorial

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