Adapted from the book by Mike Artell, Illustrations by Jim Harris
  Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
  Commissioned by: Imagination Stage Bethesda, MD
  World Premiere: Imagination Stage, February – May, 2005
  Highlight: 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival, Next Link Selection.
                       Honorable Mention, Best in Script, NY Musical Theatre Awards for Excellence

  Representation By: Imagination Stage

   Keittra Colombel and Isaiah Johnson as Petite Rouge & TeJean

   Imagination Stage Production

   Photo by Stan Barouh


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When the Big Bad Gator spies tasty duck Petite Rouge and sidekick cat TeJean heading down the bayou, Petite leads him on a wild duck chase through New Orleans and Mardi Gras all the way to a surprise ending. A Swamp Chorus sings back-up to the Zydeco-driven score in this foot-stomping, family-friendly musical musical soaked in Cajun hot sauce! Saucy and colorful, as you'd expect, from the creator of the blockbuster hits Junie B. Jones and the Miss Nelson musicals!


"Almost everything about the show is hot: (the Louisiana bayou), the music (with peppy zydeco and steamy jazz), the dancing (lots of tango moves) and, most of all, the fiery Cajun sauce...a musical with heart."                             THE NEW  YORK TIMES

Running time: 75 Minutes

Music requirements: Live band:  Accordion, fiddle, guitar/banjo, bass , clarinet

                                  (clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, harmonica optional - could be pre-recorded)

                                  Orchestration CD Available (with "live" music mixed in)

                                  Orchestrations by Debbie Wicks La Puma

Cast of 6    Mixed race cast  3m, 3f) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

CAST breakdown: 

Petite Rouge (female, alto) - young duck, adventurous, naive, looking for excitement, wants to see the world

TeJean (male, tenor) - Petite's sidekick cat, shy, cautious, homebody, a 'fraidy cat who follows the rules and plays harmonica

Claude (male, baritone) - a hungry gator, clever, sneaky, a master of disguises, gourmet cook who butchers the French language

Swamp Chorus:  Crayfish (female, soprano)

                       Turtle (female, alto)

                       Frog (Male, baritone)

                           and other roles:

                       Alleygators, Gater Trappers, Riverboat Tourists, Mardi Gras Dancers, Dixieland Band, Gospel Singers

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